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Hydra Cup
Hydra 2016 - The Halfway Mark
by Kalamere
August 2, 2016

Going into week 4, we have hit the halfway mark of the 2016 Hydra season. Two teams advance to the winner take all final, but with 3 weeks left they all have potential to make it to the dance.

Hydra-Foil tops the league at an impressive 3-0, not to mention 14 wildcard points tallied. That's twice the count of the next closest team (RPN). Eden's team holds a record of 7-2 in duels and is an obvious favorite for post season festivities. If they win two of the remaining 3 matches, or win 1 and the Misfits fail to go undefeated in the back half of the season, they're in.

Royal Pain sits just below Hydra-Foil at 2-1, their loss coming at the hands of Eden's crew in week two. The two are set up to meet again this week with entirely different matchups, so we'll see if Jewell's team can even the score or if the Foils take one more step towards a spot in the final. A win puts the Pains in good shape to make the final, but they have the potential still either way. Lacking a big run by the Rock Hards in the weeks to come, this could come down to a week 5 re-match with the Misfits.

Kirost's Misfits dropped 2 of 3 in the opening weeks, their one victory coming in week 2 with a dominant shutdown of the Rock Hards. Week three against the Pains was awfully close though, losing by 2 points in a split decision. If Noah can rally the troops to another W against Kruger's team this week they can be set up for a week 5 Pains battle that could decide who moves on.

The Rock Hards have had better seasons. Dropping all three of their matches so far makes the road to the playoffs an uphill climb and then some. It can be done, but they're going to have to be close to perfect from here out. They hit week 4 with a rematch against the Misfits and this is going to be big for them. Lose that and have RPN pull out a win over the Foils and that'll be the end for Kruger's team.

We're halfway through and getting to a point where every duel counts. Don't miss the action!

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