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General News

Season 522 of TDL
Arthur Kane
October 18, 2004

Working in partnership with Dueling Zone News, the upcoming season of TDL will be reported in the pages of DZN.

Good luck and good dueling to all the duelers and teams getting ready for the 522 season!

General News

Captains' Choice Awards
G'nort Dragoon-Talanador
April 20, 2004

Greetings one and all. These are the results of the first annual Captains' Choice Awards, presented by HDT Enterprises.

The Captains' Choice Awards were created in supplement to the official TDL MacKenzie Cup which goes to the overall winning team of the TDL season.

Season 521 Captains' Choice Awards

How the recipients were selected: Each captain was asked to vote for the top three duelists they felt met the requirements needed in each voting catergory. 13 of the 16 captains voted, which was sufficient to obtain a final tally, though there were a few ties.

The Valmion Award: The Valmion Award is an annual award presented to the TDL captain judged to have contributed the most to his team's success via wins and personal dueling. Named after the First Captain that started this incarnation of Team Dueling.

Captain of the Year: Tareth Thorn, with a total of 26 pts
Maria Graziano, 11 pts
Etherian Esperwind, 10 pts

The Mithmellon Trophy: The Mithmellon Trophy is an annual award given to the player selected as the most proficient in his/her first year of competition in the Team Dueling League.

Rookie of the Year for Season 521: Gork, with a total of 22 pts
Lunchbox, 21 pts
Caedia Thorn 13 pts

Thrash Memorial Trophy: The Thrash Memorial Trophy is an annual award given to the player judged to be the most valuable to his team.

The TDL Most Valuable Player: Tareth Thorn, with a total of 15 pts
Querylon, 9 pts
Lunchbox, 6pts

The Remington Trophy: The Remington Trophy is an annual award presented for outstanding service to Team Dueling where everyone is eligible to duel. Eligible recipients are Duelists, officials, captains, executives, and referees.

The Remingonton Trophy is awarded to: Xerzes Maureen and Milo Remington, who were tied at 13 pts
Harris d'Artainian, 11 pts
G'nort Dragoon-Talanador, 10 pts

LeTere Trophy: The LeTere Trophy is an annual award given to the most valuable player for his team in the playoffs.

The Most Valuable Player in the TDL Playoffs is: Topaz, with a total of 20 pts
Mathias deWinter, 17 points
Maria Graziano, 12 points

Blade Trophy: The Blade Trophy is an annual award given to the Team Dueling League's top point scorer. Winners are selected based on regular-season play for most MPs for minus the number of MPs against.

The Blade Trophy winner for Top Point Scorer in the TDL is Tareth Thorn: 83 points scored for, 32 against, difference of 52.
2nd. Lunchbox: 80 points scored for, 29.5 against, difference of 50.5.
3rd, Querylon: 70 points for, 20 against, difference of 50.

Thank you to all involved, and we'll see you next season!

General News

TDL / HDT Awards for Season 521
Arthur Kane
April 20, 2004

With the end of Season 521, the Team Dueling League closed its doors for the summer, but not before the coveted TDL Cup was presented to Atrebla. ATR is the second team in League history to not only win two seasons, but also to win them in consecutive seasons. The accomplishment was even more notable this season, because their final opponent for both seasons was the same team, the ever-formidable Wrecking Crew.

With the conclusion of Season 521, HDT Enterprises, in cooperation with TDL Enterprises, created the MacKenzie Cup, giving the TDL Cup a new name in honor of the creator of the Team Dueling League, Ian MacKenzie.

For winning the Post-Season Tournament, the Team Dueling League awards the newly renamed MacKenzie Cup to Atrebla.

In addition to the MacKenzie Cup, HDT Enterprises also created trophies for three other performance-based* finishes.

* Performance as measured by current League rules.

Recipients of the new HDT sponsored awards include:

For winning in the Gem Conference, the Diamond Trophy is awarded to Atrebla.

For winning in the Metal Conference, the Platinum Trophy is awarded to the Wrecking Crew.

For best overall record at the season's end, the Emperor's Trophy is awarded to En Fuego.

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