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Headlines from DZN

Wrapup of the 2017 Tournament
Kalamere - May 1, 2017
2017 concludes

Too Blue: Madness Edition--Round 6: The Finals!
Jewell Ravenlock - April 27, 2017
What's up, RhyDin? This is your Empress Overlady May Queen of 2017 here to bring you the news about this year's Madness Finals

Too Blue: Madness Edition--Round 5
Jewell Ravenlock - April 19, 2017
[Transcript from Too Blue: Madness Edition (Round 5) 20.04.2017 10:00]

Headlines from Rings of Honor

Kalamere seeks Anubis' bounty!
Ever the opportunist, Kalamere challenges Anubis for Old Temple. The two well seasoned veteran duelists will be settling matters Thursday the 22nd!
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Sabine Defends Battlefield Park Barony!
Coming out on the right side of a one-shot duel 5-4 victory over Ellisa Morgan, Sabine keeps hold of the Battlefield Park Barony!
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Kruger Kraters Simon; Takes Home First Opal!
In dominating fashion (twice taking 3-0 leads), Kruger defeated Matt Simon in the first and third challenge fights to nab his very first Opal, MoonBeryl! Congratulations to Kruger on the victory!
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Summer All Ranks Tournament Announced!
The Summer All Ranks Tournament will take place on Saturday, June 17th at 9:00 PM by the Eastern Clock. The tournament is open to Magic duelists old and new alike who have dueled at least one regulation duel since January 29th. Haven't done that? You've got plenty of time to do so! Pre-registration is open until Friday, June 16th and all who pre-register and show up on time receive on free Win-over-Loss. More WoLs are up for grabs too along with prizes like Fire Elemental Fury gems, the coveted Spirit Staff, a bottle of celestial star dust, the ever popular Mystery Box, and dinner and drinks for two at Hangman Distillery. Sign up today!
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