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Headlines from DZN

Hydra 2016 - The Halfway Mark
Kalamere - August 2, 2016
Going into week 4, we have hit the halfway mark of the 2016 Hydra season. Two teams advance to the winner take all final, but with 3 weeks left they all have potential to make it to the dance.

Madness Final and Casino Payouts
Kalamere - May 2, 2016
The final tallies from the annual madness bracket pool

Madness 2016: Round 6
Jewell Ravenlock - April 30, 2016
I flipped a coin. Rachael is going to win. Tahdah! Not good enough? Fiiiiiiine.

Headlines from Rings of Honor

Fresh Air on the Isle
Outback legend Matt Simon becomes the newest Keeper of Air after defeating John Cole in a nail biting three part challenge. Congratulations!
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From Mage to Archmage in only three weeks!
Lilith defeats Archmage Rachael in two straight duels this past Friday night to become Twilight Isle's newest Archmage. Should we be worried about forest fires?
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Lilith wins Archmage Tournament
From a pool of only two mages, the Isle's newest mage Lilith bested Xanth van Bokkelen in a best of three series to win the Archmage Tournament. She'll face Rachael on Friday at 10 ET to see who walks away with the Celestial Citadel.
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Sabine Takes Battlefield Park from Aya!
After a single-shot 10 round duel, in which Claire apparently discharged at least one firearm, Sabine defeated Aya 5-2.5 to become the newest Baron of Battlefield Park!
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