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Subj:	DOS TODAY, Vol. 1, Iss. 1
Date:	94-09-08 16:48:34 EDT

:: a big glossy magazine appears in your mailbox.  On the cover is a picture
taken of Kairee giving Lady Overlord Amaltea a huge congratulatory kiss.
"DOS TODAY" is written in bold letters across the top and there are three
quotes on the left side of the cover ::

"It will be a very close match"
     Lady Overlord Amaltea on pre-fight nerves

"It is a civilized sport, for the blood"
     Siera Redwin on the pomp surrounding the current challenges between

"I'm going home to consider retiring." 
     Warlord Falon on losing the match.

DoS TODAY     Vol.1  Issue 1
Interview with Amaltea                           pg. 1
Photos of the match                              pg. 2
Advertisement for Questrion                   pg. 4
Interview with Siera Redwin                    pg. 5
Advertisement for Arelia's Trinkets          pg. 6
Interview with Falon                               pg. 7
A report of the match and more photos   pg. 8
Late-breaking news                               pg. 9

Oscar Madison, reporter and Editor in chief
HeddaHat, Undercover reporter
Broadway Dan, Photograph Editor

*    *    *

::page one opens with a large photo of Amaltea sitting comfortably in
leotards in an overstuffed chair, her legs drawn up, looking contemplatively
out her window::

Lady Overlord--wave of the future

  Amaltea, the first woman to become the overlord of the Duel of Swords,
faced and won her first challenge last evening.  DoS Today interviewed her
the day before to see how duelling affects her life and to see how she
prepared to meet her opponent.

DOS TODAY: How does it feel to be facing your first challenge?
AMALTEA: To be honest with you, I feel very nervous. Like you said it's my
first challenge and my opponent is a very good duelist. I think it will be a
very close match.
DOS TODAY:  What are your dueling plans for the future?  Should you win?
Should you lose?
AMALTEA: Well, if I win -- and believe me, I'm going there prepared to win --
I will keep on dueling and accepting challenges. If Lady Luck decides to
abandon me, well, I'll probably hang up my sword for a while and take a well
deserved vacation. I made my mark as the first female Overlord. Xeno and I
have talked about starting a family also, who knows?
DOS TODAY: Speaking of Xeno. How has your dueling affected your marriage to
the famed warlord Xenograg?
AMALTEA: ::smiles:: Xeno used to be the Overlord and he was for quite some
time -- we call it now a family tradition. He knows how it is when you are at
the top.  He understands the pressure and hard work that it involves. My
dueling has not had a negative impact in our relationship. Dueling actually
brought us closer. We met at a Duelers Challenge, when he was calling. From
there I joined his school. ::chuckles::
DOS TODAY: How does being an RDI affect your Overlordship?  Has it made it
more difficult for you?
AMALTEA: ::thinking:: The only drawback is that it cuts on my  dueling time.
I'm not complaining, don't take me wrong. The job also puts me on the
spotlight. I'm more visible. But no, it's not difficult at all. 
DOS TODAY: How long have you been duelling?
AMALTEA: Almost a year now.
DOS TODAY: How do you feel that your first challenge comes from the
relatively unpopular Falon?  Do you think this will bolster support to your
AMALTEA: Falon has always wanted the title, he has a right to challenge. But
I think Falon is just misunderstood. I know deep down inside he is a nice
person. About support? I know who my friends are and I know they will be
there for me. I also know they will be respectful towards Falon if he wins
the title.
DOS TODAY: Well, thank you for your time and good luck in the duel tomorrow
AMALTEA: It was a pleasure. ::smiles::

  Amaltea would also like you all to know that her exercise video is
available for purchase from Castle Gryphonwing.  Jane Fonda eat your heart

*    *    *

::page two and three open into a large photo spread.  Amaltea horsing around
with her admirers before the match.  Falon arriving with a flash.  Siera
Redwin announcing the start of the match as the crowd boils behind her.
Several of the spectators reaching through the ropes to grope the Lady
Overlord as she's trying to fight.  A close shot of Falon after the blow to
the head... blood trickling down his temple as he looks across the ring, his
face masked, but the shock clearly in his eyes.::

*    *    *

::page four opens to a glossy photo of three rings of sword fighters, the
falchion of Questrion glowing over the top::
In a rut?  Fancies got you down?  Come to Questrion every Sunday afternoon at
1 p.m. Eastern and duel some of the best fighters around, fanciless, in an
elimination tournament.  Lord Valmion and Lady Alaisia are your hosts for the
event, and also provide, free of charge, a fully stocked bar, should you lose
and need comfort.  Come on out and give it a try this weekend.  Questrion can
found as a private room every Sunday afternoon.

*    *    *

::page five opens on a picture of Siera Redwin sitting at the ref's table in
the basement, her arm outstretched to catch a serving boy as he passes by::

Siera Redwin.... the Ref's view

  This editor interviewed legendary dueler Siera Redwin before last night's
match, and caught her views on calling a big duel such as this.
DOS EDITOR:  The duels of late seemed charged with pomp... how do you feel
about that?
SIERA RED:  This is the way the duels were ever intended.  Challenges issued
with pomp and formality are the way of the ring... It is a civilized sport,
for the blood.
DOS EDITOR:  Is there a lot of pressure on you as a ref for a large match
such as this?
SIERA RED:  Sooth, I am glad for the honor, as Amaltea and Falon are both
friends. It is a relief to find such a neutral place to sit in the match.  It
will be a fine match. It is Amaltea's first defense and Falon's... gads, I do
not know how many times he has vied for the
DOS EDITOR:  How long ago did he lose it?
SIERA RED:     Xenograg killed him for the title when he took it, as he would
not yield it upon losing in the ring. ::quietly:: Falon was once dead. Or at
least nearly so that that is how the rumor goes.  But it is said that he died
and the lady Fantasy, his wife... who was once wife to FantasyRC before she
married Falon... found the magic to bring him back. ::speaking quietly:::
Those are days not so long past, but forgotten by many.
DOS EDITOR:  Falon actually refused to give the title over?
SIERA RED:  Xeno would tell it better than I, but he forced Xeno's hand.  Or
so I have heard. I did see Xeno immediately following his victory that
night... and he was nearly run through with the wound that Falon gave him in
the ring... and he and Cymranger were both despondent about the outcome of
the match... namely, that Falon had fallen in both body and title.

  And so it goes.  The big match holds more than just title and glory.  To
one man, it holds redemption....

*    *    *

::page 6 opens with a photo of a colorful tin of salve::

  Arelia's Trinkets, your local retailer of Potion's miracle salve.  Heals
cuts and punctures with a minimum of pain and suffering.  25% Discount for
all members of DoS or DoF.  Arelia's shop can be found in the posts under
keyword RDI, message board center, From the Dragon's Mouth.

*    *    *

::Page seven opens with a photo of Falon sitting at a table in the Duel of
Swords drinking from a tankard and watching the rings, a wistful expression
on his face, caught while he was unaware anyone was taking a photo::

Falon--Coming back...

  Falon, long time dueler and Warlord was bright and confident about the
upcoming duel when we talked to him the day before yesterday.  Despite the
interesting questions brought up by Siera Redwin, the Warlord Falon seems
ready to re-enter the role of Overlord since losing it to Xenograg.

DOS TODAY:  How does it feel to be facing an unchallenged overlord?
FALON:  Well, before we get into that I'd like to say that it feels good to
be on the campaign trail again.  I've been away too long and would take this
opportunity to thank all of my supporters. 
DOS TODAY:  What are your dueling plans for the future?  Should you win?
Should you lose?
FALON:  I'm glad you asked that question, Oscar.  We need to look forward in
dueling and not backward.  With my five point plan on dueling I'm sure we
will bring dueling to a new level that will serve all duelers and not just
the fortunate few.  I look forward to serving as Overlord once again.
DOS TODAY:  You have a reputation as being rather stand-offish and haughty.
How do you see this?
FALON:  I'd just like to say first that we've enjoyed your publication very
much over the years.  Though we do occasionally glance at the pictures we're
generally more interested in the articles.
DOS TODAY:  What is the basis for your animosity towards the Max.
FALON:  (silence)
DOS TODAY:  How long have you been duelling?
FALON:  Nice tie, Oscar.  My many years of service in dueling makes me the
best candidate for Overlordship.  We have the know-how, we have the
technology and we have the motivation and with my leadership we will be
prepared to bring dueling into the next century.
DOS TODAY:  Have you noticed relatively few people are in support of your
success? Does this bother you, being the "bad boy of DoS?"
FALON:  (silence)
DOS TODAY:  How many challenges do you have so far should you become the
FALON:  I'm glad you asked that question, Oscar.  Although I'm not one for
counting my eggs before they hatch, right now the count is exhausting but I
have a voluntary accounting staff, at no cost to the dueling community, going
over just how many challenges there are and weighing the respective offers.
Our main goal is to lead dueling forward and not the other way.  Of course,
we are open to any legitimate offer and we look forward to the challenges of
representing DoS once again.

  As many readers may notice, there are several areas that are sensitive to
the Warlord and he has a strange habit of referring to himself in the plural.
As soon as more information appears, we'll be
sure to pass that right along to you.  Since the match however, Falon, who
left in the company of well-known innkeeper Kairee, alluded to his possible
retirement.  We'll bring you more of that story as it becomes available.

*    *    *

::page eight opens with a picture of Falon and Amaltea in a particularly
bloody double thrust from round five of their duel::

Match of the day

  Last night The Great Hall of the Dragon was filled with 35 spectators all
to come to see the fight many months in the making between Lady Overlord
Amaltea and challenger Warlord Falon.   Many well-known faces to the duelling
world turned out for this event, including the grand dame of the Red Dragon,
Kairee.  Lady Overlord Amaltea was seconded by the beloved Stefano Fortenza
(PrinceFyre) and she fought in honor of her husband one-time Overlord
Xenograg.  Warlord Falon was seconded by this magazine's photo-editor
Broadway Dan, and he fought in honor of Kairee, well-known inn owner.  The
superior calling was done by Siera Redwin, and the match ended after seven

    Amaltea                                    Falon
1. fancy sidestep                           fancy sidestep
2. high cut                                    fancy circular parry
3. thrust                                       low cut
4. fancy sidestep                          duck
5. thrust                                       thrust
6. fancy circular parry                    fancy lateral parry
7. fancy lateral parry                      low cut

As taken from the Official's record, and verified with our own scores.

::a photo of the final score and the pained look on Falon's eyes as he made
the proper move only to beaten by a fancy.  Several photos of Amaltea being
sprayed by champagne and of Falon leaving with Kairee::
  The duel was interrupted for a few moments however when the man Kairee
arrived with, one Nick Ravagon, put his arm around her.  Falon stopped the
fight and demanded that the man take his arm back.  With the loyal help of
Falon's second, Broadway Dan, the man was moved away from the babe with the
splendiferous legs, and the fight was resumed.   In the confusion after the
match Falon shook hands with the troublemaker.  Kairee was much in the grasp
of the fallen Warlord, and so the man drifted away without further incident.
:: one last photo of the crowd provided by an extra wide angle lens ::
Amaltea, ArchFane1, ArraDec, BINZO, Brdway Dan, C0NNOR Mcld, Dare Ltan1,
Dorellian (ooc only), DoSEditor, Fetherstaf, GavileanS, Gray Max, HeddaHat,
JSV Ramirez, Kael Grai, Lady Potion, Levrette, LordDekayan, Maloria, Mamusia,
Nick0vTyme, NomElven, PrinceFyre, PsiMystic, QnLuthien, Rantom, Ravagon, RDI
Kairee, RDI Siera, Sams0n, ShadowHawq, Sir Ghost, Valmion, Vixxenish1,
VprPiquer, Walkker, Xenograg

 *    *    *

Late breaking News:

Gray Max, barbarian and weenie (I mean warlord) was restored his rank
yesterday by agreement reached with Kairee and the other RDIs.  This reporter
would like to be there when he challenges or is challenged by MadMadMax.

Lady Merilsa, commoner in DoS, is the four-time champion of the Questrion

Stefano Fortenza, known to most as Stephen, has dueled his last duel.
Stephen's player has to leave AOL to go off to college and learn something ;)
so he's leaving our realm indefinitely.  Although he has indicated that he
will have Internet access and will try to leave us e-mail when he's settled

Duels to watch coming up Sunday evening:  A Warlord rank challenge between
Valmion and SieraRed--seconds are Shadowrun and Feadur respectively, the
honor of the fight goes to Lady Alaisia and Lady Overlord Amaltea, a Warlord
rank challenge between Moralitor and Feadur, and Cym2 and Shadowrun are
planning a food fight, in which Shadowrun will use the dreaded abalone.

*    *    *

Next week's issue will focus on this weekend's duels, and will include an
updated (but unofficial) Warlord ranking list (if you'll cooperate that is :)
Other standings could be published if people would send me their wins and
losses for the week).  Upcoming articles will be about the different schools
of dueling around, the competition between them, and the Questrion

*    *    *

To reach any of the staff here at the magazine send e-mail to
DoSEditor, HeddaHat, or BrdwayDan

Happy Dueling

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