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Hydra Cup
Playoffs - Round 1 Wrapping Up
by Kalamere
August 16, 2015

The Annex should be hopping tonight as we see the final duels in both our round 1 matches. It's all about the magic skills as we wait to see who will advance.

Chemical Burn holds a commanding lead over Hydra-Foil after wins in both the swords duel and 3 WC value fists bout. Layla and Bile brought their A game and only gave up a combined 4.5 points to Eden's underdog crew, taking their lead up to an near insurmountable 13 - 4.5. Juliane Smith takes the ring against Xanth tonight at 9:30 needing to keep Xanth off the board entirely in order to push her team into the second round. That's no easy task against any duelist, let along the league individual stat leader. Juliane is a respectable 1-1 with a +2 differential in magic, but Xanth is 2-0 and +6 1/4, holding more WC points to his individual accomplishment than three full teams secured this season. I wish her luck, but have already chalked CHM into the next round.

At 10pm, Matt and Spider take the ring to conclude a much more closely contested Team Fist vs The Rock Hards match. Kruger started his team off nicely with a fists win over Lilith earlier in the week, but Apple made up the ground and then some with a drumming of Noah Bird in swords to give the Outback favorites a 2 point advantage. Both the previous bouts held a 3 WC value, so this final duel carries no extra weight. Matt finds himself in much the same position as he did in week 1 when TMF bested ROC; holding his team's hopes in a duel or arcana. Of course, the last time he was matched up against Kruger, who doesn't have quite the same arsenal as does the reigning Archmage. On the upside for the brawlers though, Matt doesn't actually need to win this one. If he can put up 4 points in a losing effort, TMF will still take the match. The smart money is probably on the drow here, but I like Matt's chances for making round 2.

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