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Current Time: Thu, 07/18/2024 @ 12:15 PM ET

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Event: IFL 2015 (Regular Season)

Event Details: Notes: It's an early look at the season. Who do you think is going to take it all? Place your bets and follow the season to see who's prognostication abilities are superior!

Please note: Bets placed on this event are for the "regular season" as reflected by Standings. It does not include the play-offs, which will be a separate event.

Bet ConditionOddsResultSponsor
Chemical Burn to finish in 1st4:1FalseBAD
Deathcake to finish in 1st place4:1TrueBAD
Dirty: Black to finish in 1st place5:1FalseBAD
Dirty: Pink to finish in 1st2:1FalseBAD
Royal Pain to finish in 1st place3:1FalseBAD
Royal Rabble to finish in 1st5:1FalseBAD
Team Fist to finish in 1st1:1FalseBAD
Team Lazzericks to finish in 1st6:1FalseBAD

Too late to place (more) bets on this event.

Review all bets placed for this event!

Bet Condition: The specific bet being made. For example "Dueler X to win" or "Dueler X to Slash". If Dueler X wins (in the first example) the Bet Condition Result will be reported as true. If Dueler X did not Slash, the Bet Condition Result will be reported as false.

How Odds are used: X:Y where X = payout and Y equals the original bet. If a bet of 10 gold is placed, and the Odds are 0.2:1 (the 0.2 is used as the multiplier), and the result is "true", the profit from a 10 gold bet is 2 gold (10 * 0.2). If a bet of 10 gold is placed and the odds are 2:1 (multiplier is 2), and the result is "true", the profit would be 20 gold (10 * 2).

In the event of a "false" result, the bet amount is lost to the house/sponsor.

In the event of a "void" result, the bet is returned to the bettor as the condition could not be applied. For example, if the condition were "wins 2 duels, but loses 1, in a best-of-three match" and the challenge was settled in a single duel, any conditions that are applicable only to a best-of-three are voided.

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