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Who are the Betting Houses?

Betting HouseCode
Badside Investments, LLCBAD
House Dragoon-TalanadorHDT
Nausikaa EnterprisesNSK
Pearl Mountain EnterprisesPME
Red Orc BreweryORC
The LineSWD

Betting House Performance

HouseBets TakenPendingRefundedHouse ProfitsHouse PayoutsProfit/Loss
Badside Investments, LLC40347027102267232079.555557.45
House Dragoon-Talanador146800550662516272.5-2142.5
Nausikaa Enterprises71550039627147.57.5
Pearl Mountain Enterprises1581301600763514846.9-633.9
Red Orc Brewery1887107801004017266.4824.6
The Line471450172524460438201600

Who are the Betting Houses? Somebody has to cover the bets. The Betting Houses are the agencies covering the bets placed by the bettors. The Betting Houses can sponsor whatever events they choose, and set the conditions for win/loss.

Bets Taken: Bets received on events.

Bets Pending: Events that have not been completed OR the event results have not yet been recorded.

Bets Refunded: Bets refunded for conditions that were not met.

House Profit: Bets that were unsuccessful and become House earnings.

House Payouts: Bets that were successful and caused the House to make a payout.
***Note that this value will not correspond to previous columns as it takes into account the multipliers on successful bets.

Profit/Loss: How much the House has profited or lost from bets it covered.

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