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 Old Temple / Southgate 
Harker's Academy  Harker's Academy 
Rhy'Din Public Library  Rhy'Din Public Library 
Bak'd  Bak'd 
Dancing Dragon Cantina  Dancing Dragon Cantina 
Hangman Distillery  Hangman Distillery 
Iristica Imports Showroom  Iristica Imports Showroom 
Iristica Imports Warehouse/Parking Area  Iristica Imports Warehouse/Parking Area 
Momus Athenaeum  Momus Athenaeum 
Nicole's Bistro  Nicole's Bistro 
R. E. MacLeod  R. E. MacLeod 
Wang Leung's Chinese  Wang Leung's Chinese 
Dockside / The Wharfs  Dockside / The Wharfs 
Old Market  Old Market 
Eastbridge  Eastbridge 
Four Points  Four Points 
Middlebridge  Middlebridge 
South Road  South Road 
SouthGate  SouthGate 
Westbridge  Westbridge 
Deathlord's Ice Sculpture Garden  Deathlord's Ice Sculpture Garden 
Rhy'Din Graveyard Go to related map  Rhy'Din Graveyard 
Shakira Memorial  Shakira Memorial 
Old Duelers Retirement Home  Old Duelers Retirement Home 
Rhy'Din Orphanage  Rhy'Din Orphanage 
Church House  Church House 
CoV Chapterhouse  CoV Chapterhouse 
Old Temple / SouthGate Baronial Manor  Old Temple / SouthGate Baronial Manor 
Ilnaren Dock  Ilnaren Dock 
Old Temple Ruins  Old Temple Ruins 
Temple of the Gods  Temple of the Gods 

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Old Temple / Southgate

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