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IFL 2017 Week Four Power Rankings
by Jack Smith
November 29, 2017

Chae Dynasty reclaim the Number One spot in our Rankings with a commanding win over Great of Strength. We have reached midseason, and there is still plenty of dueling left, so no team should rest on their laurels just yet. Is Chae Dynasty now the team to beat, or does Team Fist or Real RhyDin have something to say about that? Check out my Week Four Rankings!

(The number that precedes the team name is their previous ranking)

1) (4) CHAE DYNASTY (3-1) A four duel sweep by the Chaes propel them into the top spot in this week's rankings. Charlie dealt Xanth a stunning loss in the Iron Fist, Jenny and Kenny both won, and check out Duci with the big win over Anubis! If the Chaes keep dueling like this, why shouldn't they wind up in first place at the end of the season? Warrior Force is coming up in Week 5.

2) (2) TEAM FIST (2-1) Team Fist had the bye week. Koy wore something fabulous. Blondie squinted at people and smoked a cigar. Matt reminded people how old he is. You catch my drift.

3) (3) REAL RHYDIN (2-1) Real squeaked past Warrior Force by two points to take their second straight victory. Kheldar got the Iron Fist win, and Hope defeated Xerzes. Things seem to be clicking for them now, and they'll need that, because their next opponent will be Team Fist.

4) (1) GREAT OF STRENGTH (2-1) Losing all four duels to Chae Dynasty brought Great of Strength back to reality and down to number four in our rankings. Xanth loses in the Iron Fist after five straight wins in that position. Still, with two victories at the halfway point, they are still in the playoff hunt. They may be able to rebound with Deathcake on tap for next week.

5) (5) DEATHCAKE (2-2) Winning three out of four, Deathcake took the win over Team Dirty. Sal's five round victory over Terry set the pace, while Rekah and Cassius won the Crutch and Anchor respectively. Deathcake has just as good of a shot at the playoffs as any team ranked above them. Great of Strength is their Week 5 opponent.

6) (6) TEAM DIRTY (1-3) Another tough loss as Dirty fell to Deathcake. Claire continued her MVP pace with her fourth victory over Canaan. The bright spot is they've won eight out of sixteen of their duels, so it may just be bad luck on their part. They'll get a bye week next to relax and regroup.

7) (7) WARRIOR FORCE (0-3) Warrior Force got close, but ultimately lose to Real RhyDin. Tex gets his third win of the year with a dominating win over Eden. Rachael adds a victory by beating Kate in the Anchor. Things look grim with Chae Dynasty arriving next, so I don't see them getting their first win of the season just yet.

TEAMS ON THE RISE: Chae Dynasty (1 from 4)

OVERALL: Real RhyDin vs. Team Fist should be an entertaining matchup this week. We'll see if Deathcake can vault into the top half of the rankings when they go up against Great of Strength. Plenty of fists will be flying as we enter the last half of the season, so keep rooting for your favorite IFL team!


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