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The Fashionist's Top 5 Best Dressed
Source IFL News Network
By The Fashionist
November 28, 2017

A special report -- read more at thefashionist.com

The time between spring's Beltane and late winter's Rhy'Din Fashion Week is usually a fashion wasteland. But this year, we here at The Fashionist have discovered a virtual treasure-trove of sartorial delights: The 2017 Iron Fists League.

Both on and off the mat, the denizens of the IFL are heating up the dueling rings with their fashion magic. Here are some of our favorite lookers and looks so far this season:

#5 Kruger "The Anvil" Allen

There was a lot of debate in our offices here when it came to the men of IFL. Some of us were partial to the sand and sandals look of Gaius of the Cassii (hello, hot gladiators?) while others preferred the urban cowboy looks of Dean Reighland and Tex Wellington (yeehaw!). There were also a few votes for dad-bod Matthew Algiers Simon (is old hot if you own it?). And of course, the most passionate votes were for Sal Delahada and Cane Devillier whose combined thermonuclear hotness in their classic jeans and t-shirt looks could power a small space station.

But in the end, we all kept returning with one name: The Anvil. Sure, we've dedicated column after column to dissing Allen's preference for occasionally neon spandex. But showing up in full matador dress for his match against Andu Kirost? Pure genius. Get it? A matador? The minotaur!? We got it, and we loved it. While it might have been a little too on the nose for some, Allen's costume was as red hot as the tough fight he had that night. Keep it coming, Anvil.

#4 Lisa Takamine

There is a whole long list of authorized IFL referees, but it is no surprise to us that Lisa is the busiest of them all. By our estimation, RSN cameras returned to her at least three-times more often than any other caller during a fight. Regularly sporting a look that we fondly refer to as killer chic, her razor sharp claws with even sharper silhouettes has our collective hearts beating fast. Ringside attraction or ringside distraction, we are in love.

#3 Claire Gallows

One of our favorite trends from this season's IFL is all of the branded team gear we're seeing. Team Real RhyDin has been everywhere with their team pride, and the crowd is awash in team gear both new and old. Team Fist, Wrecking Crew, Beat Down, and Top Flight are among the many teams seeing some fan love. But no one is rocking it better than Team Dirty's own captain, Claire Gallows.

Sure, maybe there's something a little matchy-matchy about her pink hair with the pink team gear, but when she hits the ring in a tank top with GALLOWS written down her back, we know we are in for a treat. Motherhood apparently agrees with her. And let's be real, with a record of 4-0, Claire could make a paper bag look hot. Count us in.

#2 Tahlia Faras

It wasn't easy picking a favorite from the IFL Ladies of the Classic Black. Between Jewell Ravenlock's high-contrast white hair and Rachael Blackthorne's back-in-black leather, this is a tough field. But it's Tahlia's attention to detail that has landed her on this list. Matching gold weave cuffs, a Valentino star-dappled sheer blouse, and (be still our beating hearts) a gold lamé crop jacket paired with white booty shorts, are among our favorites. And don't think we haven't noticed when Tahlia goes for a white look. Even in a mini-dress, it's positively greek goddess. We're pretty sure there's nothing this blonde knockout couldn't make fabulous.

#1 Kate Turner

Oh, heavens. We could write an entire fashion bible about the looks of Kate Turner. Single-handedly reinventing the corset, Kate's look is convincing and fierce, and a unanimous favorite. A few key pieces: the fur jacket (faux? we don't care) that she sported for her fight against Warrior Force's Rachael Blackthorne, the purple skull earrings she wore to Twilight Isle for Hope versus Xerzes, and the red leather platform lace-up/buckle-up boots she wore for Gren versus Sal. Kate's look is a breath of fresh air. No one can pull off a hand-fan with the words "Blow Me" written on them quite like Kate. Where has she been all our lives? Seriously, we love her. Never leave us, Kate.

With about half the season gone by, we here at The Fashionist are looking forward to seeing more looks from some of our perennial favorite fighters like Jin Chae (we saw you rock that blue sparkle mini, girl), Koyliak VanDuran Simon (the original stiletto threat), and our favorite blonde bombshell, Duci.

When we see it, you'll hear about it. Ciao for now!

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