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It's Madness!

DoS Madness!

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DoS: Madness
Wrapup of the 2017 Tournament
by Kalamere
May 1, 2017


First Place, Myria Graziano, claims the Overlord Challenge (to be issued within 1 week after the results of E's challenge to Jewell is officially completed) and a Baron Challenge Grant, to be gifted before this coming Sunday (5/7).

Second Place, Crunchem, elects 6 WoL to be applied to his record. This should bump the ogre up to Grand Master!

Runners Up, Ellisa Morgan and Baph, receive 3 WoL to their record.

Congratulations also to the Bracket Pool Winners!

Dris takes the 1,000 noble pool, edging out Anubis by vitur of being the only person in the pool to pick Myria as the champion.

Jak of Swords took top position in the 100 silver pool, tying Anubis and Dris who all finished with 77 points.

Thanks to all who participated, both as contestants and those who entered the pool. And, naturally, we cannot forget the callers who volunteer to make it all happen.

It was another successful tournament and I hope to see you all back again next year!

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