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Breaking It Down: 2015 Award Winners
by Harris D'Artainian
January 20, 2016

Team Fist finally wrangles themselves an IFL championship while this year's Kiowa Belt went to ERP's Jenny Chae! The ballots have been counted from the twelve total participants in this year's voting, so let's take a closer look at our award winners by breaking it all down!

Regular Season MVP

#5 Darik Warchild (Team Fist) [7 Points: One 2nd Place Vote, Five 3rd Place Votes]

The 2014 Kiowa Belt Winner didn't disappoint this season and was a critical part of Team Fist's success, which is why he ties for fifth in this year's voting. Though being the league's highest ranked fighter on arguably the best team on paper means it was much more difficult for him to exceed already high expectations.

#5 Terry King (Dirty: Black) [7 Points: Two 2nd Place Votes, Three 3rd Place Votes]

The only contender for ROTY to garner votes for MVP as well, King also earns the fifth place position. She was the top performer on her team and picked up Black's only wins in the Iron Fist match which proved vitally important and allowed them to garner a spot in the playoffs.

#3 Salvador Delahada (Deathcake) [8 Points: One 1st Place Vote, Two 2nd Place Votes, One 3rd Place Vote]

Deathcake's Captain trumped his other team members in the voting and takes third place on the ballots. It's likely his achievements were overshadowed by the total contributions of everyone on the squad helping propel Deathcake to a perfect season, rather than a singular individual standing out above the others.

#2 Hope (Dirty: Pink) [18 Points: Two 1st Place Votes, Five 2nd Place Votes, Two 3rd Place Votes]

With 5 wins this season Hope was a serious contender for MVP, though unfortunately this year's winner surpassed her in virtually every other statistic. However she eclipsed the others that shared her 6.00 PDPB and finishes 2nd place in the MVP race to match her 2nd place finish on the leaderboard. One voter stated, "I voted for Hope first over Xanth because she managed to go 5-0, which hasn't been done since Maria Graziano in the debut season of IFL. Pink likely would have been far worse off if it weren't for Hope".

#1 Xanth Van Bokkelen (Chemical Burn) [32 Points: Nine 1st Place Votes, Two 2nd Place Votes, One 3rd Place Vote]

Xanth's perfect record and 8.00 PDPB was more than enough to convince the voters this year that he's most deserving of the MVP award. Superior statistically to his competition, one voter was impressed by all his accomplishments this year and stated, "Exceptional PDPB, undefeated, hardest schedule, most Iron Fist wins, and a shutout? Team Xanth meant business this year and deserves MVP". Congratulations to Xanth, your 2015 Iron Fists League Regular Season Most Valuable Player!

Rookie Of The Year

#3 Sabine Gabrielle (Deathcake) [1 Vote]

Sabine's outstanding season helped push Deathcake to a perfect record and a first round bye, as she shone brightly in the lower tier fights. The voter for Sabine stated, "Just because her wins mostly came in lower matches, these wins are still incredibly vital to the team and a successful season. Without a reliable person like Sabine winning in these lower matches, DCK may not have had an impressive of a season".

#2 Rekah (Deathcake) [3 Votes]

Rekah takes 2nd place in the ROTY race on the back of a fantastic year that included a five round shutout and 4.00 PDPB. Rekah's voter thought "She turned out to be Deathcake's secret weapon," which is hard to disagree with in retrospect.

#1 Terry King (Dirty: Black) [8 Votes]

It's surprising to none that with King's extensive Outback experience she cut through the league in her rookie season while pulling double duty as Captain. Finishing ahead of her other rookie competition in virtually every major category was enough for her to garner the lion's share of votes. A voter that chose her thought, "King won the bigger matches and her team was almost entirely reliant on her for their success". Congratulations to King, your 2015 Iron Fists League Rookie Of The Year!

Captain Of The Year

Salvador Delahada (Deathcake)

Pundits prior to the start of the 2015 season had Deathcake pegged as a middle of the pack team, with all the focus on the projected race to the top between Team Fist & Dirty: Pink. Sal took his first year team the distance by defeating every other squad in the league and posting a history making undefeated regular season record of 7-0. Sal's daring strategy of using each of his fighters in the Iron Fist match paid dividends, as the team didn't lose the 10-point bout once during the regular season and also had the largest margin of victory this year with their 37-11 win over Royal Rabble in Week 5. To boot, Sal managed these feats with four rookie fighters in his group while managing a spotless 4-0 record himself to end up tied for 2nd on the leaderboard with a 6.00 PDPB. Congratulations to Salvador, your 2015 Iron Fists League Captain Of The Year!

Playoff MVP

Matthew Algiers Simon (Team Fist)

It's likely the 2015 season will be the last time Team Fist's Captain is referred to as "Captain Futility" in the media, as Team Fist Nation earned the championship this year thanks to his clutch performance in the finals. Matt stared down the barrel of a winner take all Iron Fist match against an undefeated Terry King, who was on a six match win streak with four of those in the 10-point bout. His 5-3 triumph in the most important postseason match for his team propelled them to victory and his 5-4 Anchor win against Trip Wire in the second round helped get them to the championship match in the first place. Congratulations to Matt, your 2015 Iron Fists League Playoff Most Valuable Player!

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