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IFL 2015 Week Seven Power Rankings
by Jack Smith
December 16, 2015

The 2015 regular season is over, and Deathcake makes history by going 7-0! Team Fist rebounds from a midseason slump to take a first round bye. Dirty: Pink's woes continue, is that a bad sign now that the playoffs are here? We'll soon find out, but first, here are your final Power Rankings!

(The number that precedes the team name is their previous ranking)

1) (1) DEATHCAKE (7-0) Deathcake ends the season with a perfect 7-0 record after squeaking by Dirty: Pink by the narrowest of margins. Rekah's big upset in the Iron Fist over Claire was the deciding factor, while Sabine finishes 4-0 with a win over Zack. Deathcake looks near invicible heading into the playoffs, and they'll sit out the first round.

2) (3) TEAM FIST (5-2) Team Fist earns a first round bye after defeating Dirty: Black. Lena and Darik gave Matt some support with victories in the Push and Crutch, respectively. Having tallied three wins in a row and a second place finish, Matt has to like his chances going into the playoffs. The bye means they can rest up until the second round, and possibly a Finals showdown with the imposing Deathcake.

3) (2) DIRTY: PINK (4-3) Pink suffers their third loss in a row after narrowly losing to Deathcake. Hope wins the last duel of the regular season, and should be an MVP candidate with a 5-0 record. Vincent helped with a Crutch win as well. Even though they didn't get the first round bye, Pink is still a formidable team. They'll face their sister team, Dirty: Black, in the first round.

4) (4) CHEMICAL BURN (5-2) Chemical Burn finish strong with a win over Royal Pain. This is the first time Bile and company have won a regular season matchup in Hydra or IFL without Xanth on the card. That's a good sign now that the playoffs are here. A third seed finish is impressive for Bile's team, and their next opponent will be Team Lazerricks.

5) (5) DIRTY: BLACK (2-5) Although Black falls to Team Fist, they still secure a playoff spot due to their high number of individual duel wins. Niha's victory allows them to take the fifth seed, and they will square off against their other half, Dirty: Pink. Considering Pink has been shaky these last three weeks, Black might have an opportunity here to steal a first round playoff victory.

6) (7) TEAM LAZERRICKS (2-5) The Lazerricks make the playoffs with a 3 duels to 1 win over their rival, Royal Rabble. Jenny had a big triumph over Eva in the Iron Fist, while Duci and Nigel backed her up with victories of their own. Due to losing to Dirty: Black earlier in the season, it means they'll take the sixth seed. Corlanthis should be proud that his first year team will enter the postseason.

7) (6) ROYAL RABBLE (2-5) No repeat of the Hydra Foils moxie this time, as Royal Rabble falls to the Lazerricks and miss the playoffs. Bailey's win over Cooper in the Push was the lone bright spot this week. This year should provide some valuable experience for Eva's young team. Eva should take a page from the Rock Hards and come back next year prepared to fight.

8) (8) ROYAL PAIN (1-6) Royal Pain doesn't fare any better than their sister team, Royal Rabble does. A final loss to Chemical Burn ends their playoff hopes. Dizzy and Jewell earned wins, but ultimately the team lost by three points. Even though this season was a setback, if Jewell can retain her core duelers like Rena and Dizzy, they should be ready to compete again next year.

TEAMS ON THE RISE: Team Fist (2 from 3), Team Lazerricks (6 from 7)

OVERALL: Seven weeks of intense IFL action have led to this! Can Deathcake continue their rampage and win the Championship? Or does Matt have Team Fist in the perfect position to snatch it away? Pink and Chemical Burn still have something to say about that. The playoffs are here, but before then, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from your old pal, Jack Smith!


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