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Town News
Xenograg Accuses Overlord of Murder
by Letters to DZN
May 14, 2004

A letter published at the request of former Overlord Xenograg kathu-Darelir

I Accuse

In recent months, a dark Shadow has descended upon Rhydin City. The forces of darkness, corruption, and malevolence are in ascendance. Justice cannot be had, fear is widespread, and the ignorant fall prey to manipulation.

I know the reason why this is happening. I know from where the Shadow is spreading: the Duel of Swords. A demoness is Overlord.

I accuse this catdemon of the following acts:

1) that Shakira has been and is the controlling hand behind the unprecedented rise of organized crime within the City;

2) that Shakira was responsible for the kidnapping of PJ, and only the timely rescue by brave individuals saved her from an ill fate;

3) that Shakira is personally responsible for the kidnapping and death of Athelstan's wife, Kestri, and that Shakira has raised their daughter to be a symbol of hatred and a tool of evil;

4) that Shakira is personally responsible for the murder of DoS Baroness Jenia [Aedroud], who was sacrificed in a blood ritual that has destabilized the Wards of the Arena.

I urge everyone, in the strongest terms possible, to stand against this threat to our Sport and our City. Do not be fooled by Shakira's generous pacts; she will eventually take far more than she gives. Do not expect continuing loyalty from her; Shakira despises failure and will not long tolerate it in any minion. For those of you in Shakira's employ, just ask her what she did to Duke Lothair of Yllowfort and why. Whether Shakira lies to you or not, you will not like the answer.

Xenograg kathu-Darelir
Fourth Overlord of the Duel of Swords

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