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::on the cover this time, Photo: <<Using his feet to protect that hand, Rannos kicks out, right
into an armblock>>>> Caption:  "Rannos goes for the quick hit with a snapkick, but Game is
ready with a very fancy armblock to tie it up. It's sudden death folks!"

 At the top of the cover in large print, "DUELING TODAY"::

DUELING TODAY  Volume 3, Issue 12


Advert for Arelia's Trinket Shoppe   page 2
Advert for Red Oaks Stable              page 3
Editorial                                            page 4
Advert for RhyDin Manor Apts.       page 5
Advert for Mermaid's Tale Tavern   page 6
Plain and Fancies                              page 7
Advert for Red Orc Brewery            page 8
Report from the Arena                   page 9
Advert for M&R Construction       page 10
Report from Twilight Island           page 11
Report from the Outback              page 12
Photospread from the Outback     page 13
Advert for the White Rose             page 14
Advert for Garden Day Care          page 15
Advert for Larana's Love Loft       page 16

Staff:    Oscar Madison, Founding Editor (DoSEditor)
     Johanna Gutenbergh, Editor (Gutenbergh)
     Hedda Hat, Columnist (HeddaHat)
     Shannon Colton, Advertising Editor (Shanni Ctn)
     Jake Thrash, DoF correspondent (JakeThrash)
     Lysaea, DoM correspondent
     Devon Goral, Roving Reporter (DevonGoral)
     R Lupton, Roving Reporter (RLupton)
     Kyttn, DoF Photographer (Kyttn)

*    *    *
page 2


Need a Sword?

Need a Barrel of Potion's Miracle Salve because dueling's got you bleeding
more than yer share of blood?

Come on down to Arelia's Trinkets today.
Mention this ad for a discount.

::a large photo of the inside of the shoppe (which looks as big as a Super
WalMart) accompanies the ad.  There is no hint of trolls or any of the other
usual lurkers in the picture which makes knowledgable readers wonder if the
photo is a fake::

*    *    *
page 3

********** RED OAKS STABLE ***********

Full-service stable offering boarding, training, riding lessons

Breeding farm with two stallions on-site and access to two others, reasonable
stud fees. Breeding for pleasure riding, hunter/jumper, dressage and racing.

Horses for sale

For more information, contact Rayn deFallon (RaynDF) at Red Oaks Stables

((Business with Red Oaks can be conducted via email or by post in the Red
Oaks folder in Red Dragon Innsights))

*    *    *
page 4

by Johanna Gutenbergh

It's been a long time between issues of this irregular publication, and the blame rests squarely on
my shoulders. I hope with the start of a new year, I can get back to a more consistent schedule.

I do thank Shannon, Jake and Kyttn with all my heart for their faithful work... and I want to
welcome Lysaea, who is writing for the Duel of Magic.

On a personal note, congratulations to Shannon on the birth of her daughter!

Well... let's catch up, shall we?

*    *    *
page 5


   Coming soon...

   Rhydin Manor luxury apartments!  Located just a short hop from the town of
Rhydin and only a short commute from Stars End Spaceport!

   Specializing in homes for the discriminating taste.  At Rhydin Manor we
can accommodate your needs!  On-site architects, engineers and enchanters can
create the home of your dreams!  Need space?  A southern view?  Automated
kitchen?  Rhydin Manor can meet your needs!

   Affordable!  Rhydin Manor has pricing plans for everyone.  From the
hardworking blacksmith to the affluent trader on the go!  We'll work with you
to make sure you get the most living quarters for the gold.

   Rhydin Manor will have the most complete range of facilities anywhere in
Rhydin, laundry rooms, pools, indoor racquet ball courts, a coffee shop, even
a chapel!  The Manor is constructing state of the art communications
capability to support even the most technologically advanced tenant.  And
since the Manor is near the the crossing of three major ley lines, even the
most power-hungry of mages will find the Manor to their liking.

   Spaces are limited, apply now for the quarters of your dreams!

 *    *    *
page 6


The Mermaid's Tale Tavern, a quiet, wharfside tavern estab. 1637, Capt. Peter
Blackthorne, Proprietor...

... where Siera Red once pinned a roach with her dagger to Hedda Hat's
fuschia pump.... where LyloMarvin picks his snout and tries to use fake
coupons to pay for his drinks.... where SaltySofie tends on Tuesday evenings
and might reveal some scandalous tales of her sordid days in the Southwark
slums of London.... where the philosopher Aristotle Andrews might debate with
you the meaning of life as you share a hot mead by the fire.... 

...where brawling's prohibited, hoodlums must behave, and assassins are
laughed from the establishment.

... and where some tales end with their telling by the fireside, while many
others are just beginning.

The Mermaid's Tale Tavern.  Located across the lane from the wharf,  between
the fortuneteller's shop and the tobacconist, two doors down from the
Chinaman's apothecary.

((The Mermaid's Tale Tavern is a member room in the Arts & Entertainment area
of the People Connection.  If you don't see it on the list, feel free to
create it.  For more info, contact (email) Nomad.))

*    *    *
Page 7

    by Hedda Hat
Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea.
     Henry Fielding

(Hedda is vacationing on the Rivera this month... we look forward to her return!)

*    *    *
Page 8

Advertisement - Red Orc Brewery

   Tired of those weak dwarven ales?  Fruity elven wines got ya' down?  Can't
bear the thought ANOTHER bloodwyne?

   Mug for mug, nothing beats the hearty, rich taste of an orcish ale.  And
now you too can try out the ales that started a war!  From the hearty and
exotic Orcish Gold Ale, to the biting Orcish Red Ale, and finally the brutal
Orcish Black ale (Warning, Orcish Black not recommended for the weak of
stomach, including weenie paladins) Red Orc Brewing has the ale for you!

   So the next time you are hankering for something with a bite to it, order
up an Orcish Black Ale!  Guaranteed to knock ya' down!

Advertisement - Red Orc Brewery

*    *    *
page 9

by Jo Gutenbergh

Turnover reigns in the rings of the Arena!

First, Overlord news:

The cleric Athlstan, who was the longest reigning overlord in the Arena, met Warlord Alais d
NightSong in a challenge match last month and after curiously requiring no test of worthiness,
surrendered the title 5-3 in just eight rounds. The match was close through the first six, with
Athlstan tying it up at 3 each with a brilliantly timed fancy round parry. But Alais cleverly side-stepped the cleric's thrust and then the overlord gambled on that round parry once too often and
Alais felled him with a superb high cut to become the 24th overlord of the duel of swords.

Her reign was short-lived. Two weeks later, Overlord Alais faced the challenge of
DUKELETO1, offering him the premiere "best of three" match. In the first duel, Alais built a 4-2
lead by the sixth round, only to see Leto come storming back to win 5-4 by skewering her fancy
duck with a great thrust in round 10. In the second duel the overlord raised the pressure slowly
by maintaining a 3-2 lead, then cracked the challenger swiftly with a fancy lateral - low cut
combination to prevail 5-2. Leto's cunning ability to rally from a deficit finishes the story as he
turned a 1-3 sinkhole in the fourth round of the third and final duel into a 5-3 victory by the
eighth round. Amazingly, Leto used Alais' winning combination of fancy lateral - low cut to seal
the victory and become the 25th overlord of the duel of swords!

Overlord Leto faces the first challenge to his reign on Saturday the 23rd of November... the
challenger is Warlord Simini, who won the right to challenge by her second-place finish in the
Warlord tournament.

In baronial news:

The dwarf baron Jeffrey Oakenshield continues to fend off challengers, denying Lupton yet

Baroness Adeena Maeax, the Red zealot, also continues her string of successful defenses, easily
dispatching the challenger Ranger Blue.

Baron Raiyko finally gained his ring after the default of Ulath Dark Axe.

Baron Iain MacKenzie won a ring for an unprecedented third time with his stellar performance in
the Warlord tourney.

*    *    *
page 10

Marx and Rimbaud Construction Co., Inc.

* Architecture
* Landscaping
* Construction and repair
* Interior design

"Applying beaver dam structural integrity to modern construction."

*    *    *
page 11


ArchMage Tourney Oct.27/Nov.3

All who watched the breathtaking return, in force, of Shadow1773 had a good
chance to see what happens when a Mage is in touch with the forces of the

On the preliminary evening, Menolii, Shadow1773, Daegarth, MikeXXVII,
Felegast, DoofusGoof, Nepharim2, and Mojo Goblin came forward to battle each
other.  When the dust settled after the duels, Shadow1773, Felegast,
Nepharim2, and Doofus Goof were all tied at 3:1 for the chance to take on the

On Sunday, Nov. 3,  Felegast was unable to show (ultimately, we learned, due
to connection problems) ... so Nepharim2, Shadow1773, and Doof all competed
for the slot against SamSpeaks.  Doof defeated Neph and turned to face
Shadow, who then, because of a lost opponent, defeated Doof twice running to
take on the ArchMage!

Shadow, who is newly returned to frequent dueling on Twilight Island, had a
stunning 5:1 record at the end of the prelims.  Doof emerged at 4:3.

The ceremonies were illumined by the return of Klytus, Duel of Magic's
creator, who sat on the special throne for the Grand Magi and exchanged
banter with the Duel of Magic regulars and various companions who joined him
in good-natured taunts, gibes, and sundry insults.  A few goblins are
worse-for-wear after this experience, including Lysaea's twin goblin-helpers,
Rojee and Shlail.  (We later found Rojee in a tatoo parlor and Shlail
twitching in a corner and murmuring in undecipherable tongues...)

With a resilience borne of determination, Shadow1773 stepped forward to
battle SamSpeaks.  They faced each other as gentlemen Mages ... 

In the first duel, things began rather evenly, with the duelers tied at 1-all
for two rounds.  Then Sam aggressively took a steady lead, and after a brief
rally from Shadow (including a timely release of Mana Wave), Sam emerged the
victor at 5~3.5 in 12 rounds.

In the second duel, Sam took the first 3 points by round 5, then Shadow,
again using Mage Power with discernment, rallied to take a double set of
advantages in Rounds 7,8.
Recognizing his opponent's determination, Sam stormed the arena as only an
ArchMage can, and despite Shadow's excellent use of Ghostform in r10, Sam
earned a steady round of points that culminated in a 5.5~2.5 win, again, in
12 rounds.

SamSpeaks retains the title of ArchMage for the third time in a row!  And
speaking of stats ...
In the June prelims to Connor, his record was 4-0.
Against Connor in the June Tourney, his record was 2-0.
Against SSserpent in the August Tourney, his record was 2-0.
Against Shadow 1773 in the October Tourney, again 2-0.
An impressive 10 and 0 record in the last 3 tourneys.... congratulations

   *    *    *
  Page 12
  Report from the Outback 
  Diamond Quest VII
  by RDI Jake
     Diamond Quest VII, hosted by RDI Rand, took place on 25 Oct.
  Participating in the event were LordRannos, Gamelord 3, Goldglo, Sharise DA
  (standing in for Shanni Ctn), Kyttn and JakeThrash.
     Notable about this particular Quest, previous winner Dare l'Tan elected
  not to participate, and Sharise D'Amato stood in for Shannon Colton who, due
  to her medical condition, was unable to participate herself.  Also absent
  from this Quest was Percival, long time favorite and the only two-time winner
  of the event.  AragornKoG had orginally indicated his intent to participate,
  but when he was unable to show, Gamelord who had originally elected not to
  participate, jumped in to fill the empty slot.
     The event, returning to its previous format after an experimental double
  elimination style during the last quest, was a round-robin style event and
  every dueller was expected to fight every other dueller to determine just who
  was the toughest of the lot and would get to hold the coveted title of
     The event began with Gamelord facing off with Goldglo, Sharise battling
  Jake Thrash, and Kyttn combatting Lord Rannos.  First match to finish was the
  match-up of Jake and Sharise, for while she fought with all the skill that
  her mentor could provide her, her skill fell to the aggressive orc 5-3 after
  7 rounds.  Next to finish were Kyttn and Rannos as Rannos stole victory from
  her 5-3 in 10 rounds.  In the longest match of the night, Goldglo defeated
  Gamelord 5-4 in a match that went into overtime, finally finishing in round
     Entering the second round of match-ups, Goldglo faced off with Lord
  Rannos, Gamelord took on Sharise, and Kyttn faced Jake Thrash.  Lord Rannos
  was on a roll as he took his match 5-3 in 8 rounds.  Gamelord, duelling
  Sharise, found redemption this duel, recovering his loss in the first
  match-ups, by defeating Sharise 5-1 in 10 rounds.  Highest score of the
  night, Jake and Kyttn went to 6-5 before Kyttn finally took the victory in
  round 10 as her lithe agility proved a match for the lumbering orc.
     As the third round of duels began, Jake coming off of his loss to Kyttn,
  found himself soundly beaten by Gamelord, 5-2 in 9 rounds.  Kyttn, following
  her victory, battled Goldglo and took her match 5-1 in 8 rounds.  Sharise,
  still hurting from her loss to Gamelord, found herself shut-out by the able
  Lord Rannos who was well on his way to claiming the Diamond.
     For the fourth round of matches, Gamelord faced off with the agile Kyttn,
  Goldglo was paired with Sharise, and leader of the event Lord Rannos battled
  Jake Thrash.  Sharise fought mightily but fell to Goldglo 5-1 in 9 rounds.
  Gamelord claimed a victory from Kyttn 5-3 in 9 rounds, which placed his
  record at 3-1 and put him 2nd in the running for the title behind Lord
  Rannos.  In the match-up between Lord Rannos and Jake Thrash, the orc was
  able to slow Lord Rannos' flight to the title down as he defeated Rannos 5-3
  in 7 rounds.  Due to his previous wins, Lord Rannos was still in the top spot
  alongside Gamelord, both of them with records of 3 wins, 1 loss.
     As the records of Jake (2-2), Kyttn (2-2), Goldglo (2-2) and Sharise (0-4)
  were less than 3 and 1, it was determined that it was unnecessary that they
  duel in last match-up.  Instead, all of the participants turned their
  attention to Gamelord and Lord Rannos who duked it out for the title of
  The final match went as follows:
  GameLord vs. Lord Rannos
  Fancy Dodge - Flip <--- Gamelord sneaks away from Rannos for a Point, 1-0
  Jab - Feint Hook <--- Rannos Feints and pulls back to leave both with Adv's
  Dodge - Feint SpinKick <--- Rannos could have scored but "Percy's" instead
  Jab - Jab <--- Rannos and Game close and slug away, 2-1 Gamelord
  Fancy Dodge - Fancy Leap <--- Adv's to both for their Fancy style
  LegSweep - Jab <--- Rannos tags Gamelord with a fast punch, 2 all
  SnapKick - Fancy Dodge <--- Rannos dodges around Game's punch, 3-2 Rannos
  Fancy Dodge - Duck <--- Rannos ducks, Game dodges but gets an Adv
  ArmBlock - Feint Hook <--- Rannos feints his hook and steals the Adv from
  Jab - Feint LegBlock <--- Rannos converts Adv to a Point, 4-2+ Rannos
  Dodge - Jab <--- Gamelord returns the favor!  Converting Adv to Point, 4-3
  Fancy ArmBlock - SnapKick <--- Gamelord stops the kick cold, 4 all
  Dodge - Jab <--- Gamelord evades Rannos' attack for the Adv
  Feint ArmBlock - Fancy Dodge <--- Gamelord converts by stealing the Adv, 5-4
  With his defeat of Lord Rannos, Gamelord became the 7th to hold the title of
  Asked after the event for comments, the following duellers replied:
  From Gamelord 
  "Well, to tell you the truth, I was completely overwhelmed with the entire
  Diamond Quest.  First of all, I was in a room with many other Emeralds that
  have a whole lot more experience than me.  Most of them have double my wins
  in the standings.  I thought that the DQ was run rather smoothly, but I
  haven't been to prior DQ's to compare it with.  
     As for my win, I was totally shocked.  For one thing, I had somehow gotten
  myself in a tie with LordRannos at 3-1 and then I actually won!  I came into
  this DQ thinking that I didn't really have a chance.  I figured that showing
  up and getting beat would help me prepare for the next DQ.  I did have
  somewhat of a strategy, although I didn't stick to it fully.  I basically
  went in and tried to go for as many adv. as I could and I didn't go for
  direct points that often.  I used my Fancies and stuck to reliable moves, in
  other words, I didn't take that many risks.
     All the duels I was in were challenging.  Obviously the one that I lost
  against Goldy and the final duel were the most challenging.   I'd like to
  tell Sharise that as a lower rank, to get in there with us Emeralds and
  sticking it out took a lot of guts and that she was really competitive in a
  couple duels.  Good Job Sharise!!  
     The main thing that led to my success was the great help I had early on in
  my DoF career from AndersStof, Aragorn, Jake, and several others.  I also had
  wonderful support from Kelli, DR and Coynz.  
     It was a pleasure to compete in the DQ, and I hope to be competing next
  time.. "
  From Lord Rannos
  " I always thougt that I had a fair shot at becoming the Diamond. So I wasn't
  surprised that the I made it to the final round. I was surprised that
  Gamelord was my opponent for the title. I expected Jake to be the one to
  beat... ::chuckles:: Of course, he did beat me in round 4... Breaking my
  right hand in the process....
    Even with the broken hand, I felt that I could beat Game... I even took a
  4-2 lead... But I couldn't put him away... And in the 14th he finally nailed
  me for the win...
    I gave everyhting I had, but it wasn't enough... My hat's off to
                              ****************  AP *******************
     *** In need of relieving some stress? *** Feel like taking out your
  aggressions the old-fashioned way?  Or just enjoy throwing an opponent into
  the ropes!  Well, the little town of RhyDin has just the thing for you!  It's
  called the Outback!  And there's no holds barred!  Wander in!  Find out why 9
  out of 10 duelers say it's the best thing since the invention of ale! Come on
  down and give it a try!
     And for those who just like watching grown men and women pound each other
  senseless, there's plenty of ale for the enjoying, courtesy of the famed Red
  Dragon Inn. 
                               ****************  AP ******************
  *    *    *
  page 13
  Duel of Fists Diamond Quest Photospread. 
  Photo: <<Gamelord 3, Sharise, subbing for her sister Shanni Colton, Jake
  Thrash, Lord Rannos and Kyttn standing in a loose circle around the Outback,
  signalling their presence for the Quest>>
  Caption: "Rand al Tan, moderating the Diamond Quest duels, calls the roster
  and notes that Emerald AragornKoG could not be there." 
  Photo: <<Gamelord's armblock is just enough to convert the advantage,
  blocking Gold's jumpkick! The scoreboard reflects the call in the background,
  1~0 Gamelord>>
  Caption: "Gamelord starts things off right, his intentions a sweep toward the
  Diamond.  Set firm, he stops Goldglo's opening jumpkick." 
  Photo: <<Sharise jumps up and lashes out with a kick.  Jake's hook gets
  pulled back just in time.>>
  Caption: "The use of a good feint let's Jake convert an advantage to a
  Photo: <<A clean shot of Sharise's fist dropping to connect soundly with
  Jake's jaw.>>
  Caption: "Speed being the key.... Sharise's jab is much faster than Jake's
  sweep... bringing their first match to a  1~1 score in the next round."
  Photo: <<A grimmacing Rannos finds out that Kyttn *isn't* too short to hit
  Caption: "Nearly every male head turned away with a wince and a shudder at
  this smooth uppercut by the DoF's resident feline and photographer."  (DQ
  round 1) 
  Photo series of the first Overtime duel: 
     Photo 1: <<Gold pulls back his spinkick before it can hit Game's
     Photo 2: <<Gamelord dodges out of Gold's feint uppercut>>
     Photo 3: <<Gold jabs out hard, Gamelord feints an uppercut and Game's face
  shows he knows he's won this one>> 
  Caption, across the three picture spread: "In Round 14  Gold Percys! Game
  fancy dodges and earns a point against Gold's feint uppercut, maintaining the
  first Sudden Death of the night from round 12.  In 16 and overtime, Gamelord
  converts the advantage to a point for the win." 
  Photo: <<JakeThrash pouring himself a large mug of the thick dark ale. >>
  Caption: "The mood is festive as between duels Jake tries to *give* away his
  black ale... 'Free orcish black ale tonight,' the orc announced, 'Help
  yourselves.'  Keep trying Jake!" 
  Photo:  <<Sharise's swift and steady leg stalls Game's hard snapkick to
  Game's dismay.>>
  Caption: "Round Two of the Quest begins as Sharise's legblock stops Game's
  snapkick short for an advantage."
  Photo: <<Kyttn leans on the ropes of Ring 3 as Jake flexes his orc muscles>> 
  Caption: "No matter how silly it looks, the fancier a dodge, the more stylish
  an armblock, advantages are still given to both duellers." 
  Photo: <<Gamelord against the mat tries to sweep Sharise who is ariborne with
  Caption, "Sharise's smooth and elegant leap takes the advantage as Game's jaw
  drops in awe of the height to which she leaps."
  Photo: <<Gold drops and keeps dropping as Rannos snap kicks him square on.>>
  Caption: "Rannos' snapkick hits Gold as Gold drops for a sweep... and that's
  it as LordRannos picks up his second win of the Quest and defeats Goldglo,
  5-3 in 8 rounds."
  Photo: <<Kyttn's fist repeats it's hard uppercut of Round one and the duel
  with Rannos, this time on a surprised, leaping Jake>>
  Caption: "Kyttn defeats Jake, 6-5 in 10 rounds, her fist win of this Quest." 
  Photo: <<Jake and Game go at it, the orc again wearing his boots>>
  Caption: "A fancy leap, even by an orc, gets an advantage over a dodge an'
  looks right purdy too.  Anyone's duel at this point but it looks like it
  might be Game's night."
  Photo: <<Gold swings a hard right hook and Kyttn's jumpkicks tags him before
  it reaches her.>>
  Caption:  "4~0 Kyttn! Even though she wins this one, two wins do not a
  Diamond make. Kyttn's out after this one." 
  Photo: <<a slow Rannos hook tags Sharise as she leaps>>
  Caption:  "A very nice use of the Hook, giving Rannos a 4-0 lead and yet
  another win in this DQ." 
  Photo: <<Ring 3 angle; Rannos and Jake grin ferally as their fists connect in
  mirror jabs, just behind them in Ring 2,  Gold can be seen fancy leaping to
  scores an adv over Sharise's legblock>>
  Caption: "Inna face? You bet! For Round four of the Quest, their energy
  doesn't seem to be flagging.  Jake wins this one. But after Round four the
  standings for the final round come out as Game and Rannos, 3-1;Gold, Jake,
  Kyttn,   2-2; and Sharise 0-4." 
  Photo spread of the Diamond match: 
     Photo 1:  <<Clean shot of Game dodging from a scowling Rannos- Percy
  strikes again! >>   "Game starts to snapkick, thinks better of it and dodges, Rannos
  however had already committed himself to faking that spinkick... so no one scores.
     Photo 2:  <<Double Jab, both men's faces reflecting pain.>>After testing each other out
  a bit, they both fake left then jab!!
     Photo 3:  <<Game on the mat for a sweep Rannos protecting his orc-broken
  fist and jabbing smartly with the other before Game can connect.>>Game moves back in
  and drops down, sweeping for Rannos' legs, but all he finds is Rannos' fist in his chest as
  Rannos jabs!
     Photo 4: <<Using his feet to protect that hand, Rannos kicks out, right
  into an armblock>>Rannos goes for the quick hit with a snapkick, but Game is ready with
  a very fancy armblock to tie it up. It's sudden death folks! 
     Photo 5:  <<Gamelord just misses getting tagged....>>Gamelord takes the advantage
  lead bydodging Rannos' jab....
     Photo 6: <<Rannos dodges so nicely, and Game is there to meet him, his
  armblock faked>>then Rannos dodges fancifully away from Game's
  faked armblock.... and the judges award that advantage to Game.  Welcome the
  new Diamond!!"
  *    *    *
  page 14
                             THE WHITE ROSE                      
                 Catering and other hands on activities.
                 Centrally located in Downtown Rhydin
                 between the Red Dragon Inn and the
                 StarsEnd Bar and Grill.
              Walk-ins welcome, appointments appreciated.
        ---/--\-%{@  Bria Thorne, owner and proprietress
  *    *    *
  page 15
  Tired of the kidlets hanging off of you while you're trying to duel?  Looking
  for some daycare even in the middle of the night?  Or perhaps you'd just like
  a quiet night with your significant other?
  The Garden Daycare Center is now open.  Children of all ages welcome.  We are
  a full-service daycare center, with personnel on the grounds 24 hours every
  day.  For more information, please contact Aliyanna Stormbringer, proprietor,
  at The Garden.
  *    *    *
  page 16
                               ~  Larana's Love Loft  ~
  Looking for a romantic present for your spouse, harem, slave or lover?
  Seeking out that special gift that keeps on giving? 
  Larana's Love Loft offers a wide variety of adult oriented products, services
  and entertainment for your purchasing pleasure. Friendly, helpful discreet
  service, and a broad spectrum of items that suit every nature and erotic
  An on premise massage parlor, cafe bar, and vast literature and visual
  section have something to offer everyone.
  Larana's Love Loft, the shoppe that keeps you coming back for more.
                                ~  Larana's Love Loft  ~
                                      690 RhyDin Rd.
                                    RhyDin City, RhyDin
                                      Larana MacRoy
  ** Look for our new summer "Duel of Romance," catalogue, featuring your
  favorite thrusters and parriers, and the outstanding art of Amaltea!
  Available soon..!
  *    *    *
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  Thank you.
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