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:::on the cover of the magazine is a large photo of Feadur and Moralitor trading cuts, blood flying
in arcs both upward and downward.  DOS TODAY is printed across the top no quotes on the
cover this time::::

*    *    *

DoS TODAY     Vol.1  Issue 2

Letters to the Editor              page 2
Editorial                page 3
Advert for Gaijin's HSN       page 4
Overview of Warlord duelling       page 6
Advert for Arelia's Trinkets       page 7
This week at Questrion        page 8
Advert for Gloin's Weapon-O-rama   page 9
Photos of last weekend's dueling   page 9

*    *    *
page 2

Letters to the Editor:


     I just wish to inform you of a few things.

1.  In your article, "Match of the Day", you referred to me as a "one-time
Overlord".  In fact, thanks to Falon's loss, I'm the only two-time Overlord.
This is incidental, though.  The term "former Overlord" will suffice.

2.  As much as I liked your first issue, I don't need two copies of it each
month.  Please email it to only this screenname.  I also recommend deleting
the other double-addresses from your mailing list.

3.  Of Amaltea's successful title defense, I wish to say:  Long may she

     Thank you for your time and attention.

Xenograg kathu-Darelir,
Second Overlord of DoS.

XENO:  We merely meant that you had been warlord in the past not that you were only warlord
once.  And as for extra screen names, I can only wipe them out if you folks tell me to.~Ed.


I enjoyed your newspaper a great deal! Many thanks for all your hard work,
Levrette Alonin

Dear Ed,

Good effort! You successfully captured the tension of the pre-match moments
as well as the colorful pageantry associated with that finest of duels, the
Overlord Challenge Match.
As I was unable to attend the match, I doubly appreciate your efforts in this
and you have my sincere thanks. Look forward to more!

Feadur Feamegil
Ranked somewhere amongst a plethora of very talented Warlords and honored to
be counted amongst them... ;)

The editorial staff would like to thank all of the nice people who sent us letters about the
magazine.  We printed a few here, but let me say that all of the letters we received were well
written and we appreciated them very much.  If you have a question or comment you'd like to
share with the readers, we will be having a Letters column as space permits ~Ed.

*    *    *
Page 3


  To jump or not to jump?  
  Recently there has been a debate over whether or not to change the rules to add a jump move to
the matrix.  This move would work much as a duck does, only would be in defense of a low cut. 
There have been several viewpoints on this issue, from "Why make it more confusing?" to "That
would throw off the whole statistical advantage of the low cut." to "It's a wonderful idea let's start
it today!"  Not to mention the argument that the disengage should be taken out completely.
  The idea of a jump move is indeed appealing to those who like a certain symmetry to things, and
it is realistic enough to warrant a good hard look.  Proponents of the disengage see the possible
jump move as a threat to their move, and rightly so.  If disengage was kept and the jump was
added, that would be seven defensive moves against four offensive.  It seems excessive and the
least used disengage would most likely be the victim.
  But the call was made for the Questrion tourney to give it a test drive some Sunday.  I join that
call.  Try it out and see how it works.  If any of the schools have tried it, this editor would like to
see any conclusions they've reached.

*    *    *
Pages 4 and 5
::as you open the next two pages this huge holographic ad pops out at you::

::a hologram of Gaijin herself, back to the view, wearing a Duel of Swords puntmonster leather
jacket, and matching Duel of Swords Practice sweatsuit in her trademark purple and gold::

::to her left, Talldeer, looking very much put-upon, wearing a Duel of Swords baseball cap::
::to her right, Dolby,  (Gaijin's NPC - See the Rhy Din Shopping Network Folder) grinning
vapidly, wearing an oversized T-Shirt reading "I (heart) Amaltea, The Overlady"::
::To Talldeer's left, Kyle (see Dolby, above) brandishing a plastic sports bottle bearing the words
"Can't you see I'm practicing for the Duel of Swords?" in the background, Spyke23, and OIC
Blank, giving rabbit ears to Dolby and Talldeer with their fingers::

::in the background are sword sheathes, and a plethora of other dueling memorabilia and

::underneath the holo, the caption, in glowing letters: "The RhyDin Shopping Network: For All
Your Duel of Swords Needs!"::

*    *    *
Page 6
The Shifting Dance

  This past weekend there were several warlord challenges.  The Mage Moralitor was challenged
by Feadur of Feamegil for a duel of rank.  Their duel lasted a quick five rounds, in which
Moralitor had successfully held his rank.  Feadur had this to say after the battle, "He's a hell of a
duelist. I'll be back."  Duelers of higher ranks should watch for this wily mage making his way up
the ladder, who likes to advertise in the basement as having no sword experience.  ::photo
accompanying the article shows Feadur and Moralitor saluting each other before the match, a
gleam in their eyes.::

  In a spectacular comeback duel, Siera Redwin successfully challenged her way into the #2 slot
right behind MidnytBlue.  Questrion's Lord Valmion was leading 4-2 when Red came from behind
and won.  Both duelers should be congratulated on a very entertaining duel.  ::Photo
accompanying the article shows flashing steel for the final point as Valmion's sword swings out
for a slash and Red's blade sings high for the hit::

  Those two wins should make the Warlord standings as follows:
Updated warlord standings  *Unofficial*

   OVERLORD   Amaltea          42 : 12 : 0   5 Fancy Maneuvers

  1st Ranked    MidnytBlue       31 : 0 : 0   4 Fancy Maneuvers
  2nd Ranked    Siera Red        56 : 8 : 0   4 Fancy Maneuvers
  3rd Ranked    Valmion          32 : 10 : 0   4 Fancy Maneuvers
       (tie)         LadyeBeth        34 : 0 : 0   4 Fancy Maneuvers
  5th Ranked    PrinceFyre       76 : 27 : 0   4 Fancy Maneuvers
  6th Ranked    The Doctor       16 : 0 : 0   4 Fancy Maneuvers
  7th Ranked    Xenograg         26 : 1 : 0   4 Fancy Maneuvers
  8th Ranked    Dark Axe         30 : 6 : 0   4 Fancy Maneuvers
  9th Ranked    Shadowrun        76 : 4 : 0   4 Fancy Maneuvers
10th Ranked    JSVRamirez       42 : 8 : 0   4 Fancy Maneuvers
11th Ranked    GALEON           28 : 0 : 0   4 Fancy Maneuvers
12th Ranked    LordofDale       32 : 0 : 0   4 Fancy Maneuvers
13th Ranked    DirkRndom        19 : 0 : 0   4 Fancy Maneuvers
14th Ranked    Yasafel          19 : 0 : 0   4 Fancy Maneuvers
15th Ranked    Lady Finch       18 : 3 : 0   4 Fancy Maneuvers
16th Ranked    Quentor          21 : 1 : 0   4 Fancy Maneuvers
17th Ranked    GreyHunter       17 : 0 : 0   4 Fancy Maneuvers
18th Ranked    Halbarad 1       17 : 0 : 0   4 Fancy Maneuvers
19th Ranked    Splugorth        17 : 1 : 0   4 Fancy Maneuvers
20th Ranked    Roustam          25 : 2 : 0   4 Fancy Maneuvers
21st Ranked    Lerrick          22 : 0 : 1   4 Fancy Maneuvers
22nd Ranked    Vixxenish1       29 : 6 : 0   4 Fancy Maneuvers
23rd Ranked    MadMadMax        41 : 10 : 1   4 Fancy Maneuvers
24th Ranked    Qn Luthien       25 : 3 : 1   4 Fancy Maneuvers
25th Ranked    C0NNORMcld       37 : 10 : 0   4 Fancy Maneuvers
26th Ranked    Cym2             19 : 4 : 0   4 Fancy Maneuvers
27th Ranked    Moralitor        19 : 4 : 0   4 Fancy Maneuvers
28th Ranked    Feadur           22 : 4 : 0   4 Fancy Maneuvers
29th Ranked    PsiMystic        24 : 2 : 0   4 Fancy Maneuvers
30th Ranked    Phylos           16 : 1 : 0   4 Fancy Maneuvers
31st Ranked    GrayMax          39 : 3 : 0   4 Fancy Maneuvers
32nd Ranked    GldenSword       18 : 3 : 0   4 Fancy Maneuvers
33rd Ranked    Falon            42 : 1 : 2   4 Fancy Maneuvers

*    *    *

::page 7 opens with a photo of Arelia and Potion standing together by a barrel of salve, smiling,
both wearing aprons with "Arelia's Trinkets" emblazoned on the front::

    Arelia's Trinkets, your local retailer of Potion's miracle salve.  Heals cuts and punctures with a
minimum of pain and suffering.  25% Discount for all members of DoS or DoF.  Arelia's also
carries a full range of supplies for duelers such as clothing and weapons.  As always, the shop is
next door to the inn.

*    *    *
page 8


  Four-time holder of the title Swordsmaster of Questrion, Merilsa MacDonnly was finally
brought down by Fetherstaf.  ::photo of Merilsa looking dejected as she walks from the ring, a
triumphant Fetherstaf hugging Maloria as the rest of the crowd cheers::
 The results are as follows.
Round 1

Fetherstaf defeated Alaisia
Maloria defeated Valmion
Valliss defeated MarcAdamas
Laurelene drew a bye

Round 2

Fetherstaf defeated Maloria
Valliss defeated Laurelene

Round 3

Fetherstaf defeated Valliss

Championship Match

Fetherstaf defeated Merilsa in seven rounds.

*    *    *
page 9

::a small ad appears on the next page::
Gloin's Weapon-O-rama
 Servicing the greater RhyDIn area for over 146 years
       Sharpening and Cleaning Service
       New and Used Weapons Sales
       Consignments Negotiable
       No job too small
       Specializing in Swords and Axes
       Ask about our exclusive "Tempered Mithril" coating process  

"Shop conveniently located 3 doors south of the Red Dragon Inn"

::under the ad are a few photos from Friday's dueling.  One particularly nice one of RDI Amal
going slightly berserk because RDI Gidra did not show up and RDI Doctor left.  Another photo
shows a large black and white cow brought in by Mamusia to cheer for Connor.  A small photo
finishes the page with Kalamere helping Lady Potion with her dueling as the last duelers straggle
out--a quiet moment in the basement.::

*    *    *

You may reach any of the DoS Today staff at the e-mail addresses, DoSEditor, HeddaHat,


DoS Today is an independently produced magazine in no way affiliated with the official DOS
game or AOL.  The information herein should not be considered the views of AOL or its staff.
Thank you.

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